Heavenkid Episode 1 : Oh ! It’s You
Heavenkid, Ahya and ToTo are fairies in heaven. One day, they fall into the Evil Dragon Valley accidentally, and Heavenkid is captured by the demon king. To rescue Heavenkind, Ahya and ToTo unfortunately lose their lives, and reincarnate into the human world. To repay Ahya and ToTo’s for saving his life, Heavenkid descends to the world as well. Since ToTo and Ahya make troubles all the time, Heavenkind therefore guides them with Di Zi Gui (Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) to help them become obedient and lovely kids.

Heavenkid Episode 2 : Double Ahya
After Ahya attends a community fair along with her family, she is anxious to buy a doll sold at the fair. That night, Heavenkind makes a duplicate Ahya sleeping in her bed to let Ahya sneak out of her house. At the fair, Heavenkid performs a folk tale of filial piety. After watching the show, Ahya feels ashamed. At home, Ahya’s mother passes out upon seeing the duplicate Ahya without body heat and heartbeats. After returning home, Ahya feels ashamed and regretful. So, children should let their parents know before leaving home.

Heavenkid Episode 3 : Secret Mission
When ToTo and Ahya visit a dinosaur exhibition, ToTo happens to find a tiny part of a gigantic dinosaur model, and brings it home. That night, TV news says that due to a missing part, a dinosaur dance show has to be cancelled the next day. Ahya and ToTo dream of the dinosaur chasing after them with limping legs that night. Upon awakening, ToTo is upset over his deeds. Eventually, Heavenkid helps them with a night adventure to return the part to the museum. This story reminds children not to commit small evils thinking them trivial.

Heavenkid Episode 4 : Little Mama
Ahya’s mother prepares the wrong thing for Ahya. Hence Ahya is ridiculed by her classmates in school. Upon returning, Ahya is angry and complains of her mom’s carelessness. Heavenkid lets Ahya experience one day in the shoes of her mother. Ahya is busy all day long, and finally realizes her mother’s hardships. This episode reminds children that they should appreciate parents for their hardships.

Heavenkid Episode 5 : Time-Space Door
ToTo activates a space-time chessboard device by accident, and enter a virtual world. ToTo and Ahya have supernatural capabilities there, but they quarrel with each other, and even fight each other. Cloud Fairy asks Heavenkind to warn Ahya and Toto that if they cannot perceive their mistakes, they will be locked up in the virtual world forever. Heavenkid uses his divine artifact to wake ToTo and Ahya up, and let them know the teachings of “Standards for being a good student and child” (Di Zi Gui). They then apologize to each other, and become friendly to each other.

Heavenkid Episode 6 : The Wisdom of Grandpa
Ahya’s grandfather is very wise, and can predict the weather by reading clouds. He helps Ahya solve many problems. One day, when Ahya’s class is on a field trip, her classmates are bitten badly by mosquitoes. Heavenkid uses his divine power to bring Ahya’s grandfather to the scene. Not only does Ahya’s grandfather relief the itch on everyone’s skin, he also makes toys for them. The teacher and students enlighten to the old saying that an old people is like a treasure to a family.

Heavenkid Episode 7 : Kung Fu
One day, ToTo and Ahya enter a kung fu school in Ching Dynasty through the magic space-time chessboard. They first learn martial arts etiquette from a senior schoolmate, and then attend a Di Zi Gui class. Finally, they learn some kung fu from the master. This story is to teach children the truth that only after they conduct themselves and respect others will others teach them something.

Heavenkid Episode 8 : Fight Back
Ahya has a toothache. Heavenkid shrinks his body to enter Ahya’s mouth. Heavenkid tries to stop tooth worms from digging Ahya’s dental caries, but he fails to do so, and is in danger. Cloud Fairy comes to the rescue of Heavenkid, and gives him a magic tool. With that, Heavenkid and ToTo finally defeat the tooth worms. This story reminds children to cultivate the good habits of hygiene and cleanliness.

Heavenkid Episode 9 : The Most Courteous Student
Ahya wins the most courteous student award and is assigned to represent her school to meet a guest of honor. She asks her mother to buy her a formal dress for adults. At the event, Ahya wears the dress as if she were a walking Christmas tree. Since Ahya is drunk and stuck in the bathroom, Heavenkid transforms himself into Ahya’s image and wears an exquisite gown to go up to the stage. His elegant image wins all the guests’ warm applause. The story teaches kids the importance of wearing clothes properly and eating meal in moderation.

Heavenkid Episode 10 : Rock ‘N’ Roll Fox
Failing to mind his own demeanor, ToTo is attached by the spirit of a nine-tail fox. He suddenly becomes eccentric and rude. His senior schoolmate notices the situation, and wants to help him. Heavenkid joins ToTo’s senior schoolmate to fight against the fox. They defeat the fox, and get the vicious spirit out of Toto’s body. The story suggests that kids should mind their demeanor all the time according to the teachings in Di Zi Gui.

Heavenkid Episode 11 : Saving The Crystal Kingdom
ToTo goes to a supermarket along with his family. He pushes a cart and smashes into the commodities, including a crystal teakettle on the shelf. After the teakettle is broken, the crystal kingdom inside the teakettle is going to be destroyed. Heavenkid hears of the calling for help. He takes ToTo and Ahya into the world of broken crystal pieces for a look. Seeing the dire situation there, ToTo truly regrets breaking the teakettle, and asks Heavenkid to save the kingdom. So, all kids should cherish articles and mind their behaviors.

Heavenkid Episode 12 : Green Forest
Ming and Ahya help their teacher fetch a bag of seeds and flowerpots to the classroom from the office. Ahya finds some seeds are very special, so she takes one for herself without the teacher’s permission. Afterward, Ahya dreams of being subjected to punishment for theft in the Green Forest. With Heavenkid’s help, she is finally rescued. Ahya then admits her wrongdoing to her teacher. The story reminds students that it’s necessary to get permission before taking anything from others.

Heavenkid Episode 13 : The Magic Flower
Ahya promises Heavenkid to keep some seven-color-flower seeds for him. Ahya happens to find they are magic flower seeds, and sells them in a fair. However, in the evening, many customers want to return the flowers to her because all of them are withered. Heavenkid thus tells Ahya that flowers have feelings. If people play pleasing music or speak good words to them, the dying flowers can come back to life. He also reminds Ahya of the importance of keeping promises and avoiding exaggerating things.

Heavenkid Episode 14 : Straws And Dinosaurs
ToTo is not concentrated in the class all the time. Besides, he often misunderstands what others say and disseminates wrong messages to others. One time, he gets lost during a field trip due to his absentmindedness. His teacher and classmates are very worried about him. This story suggests that children should be serious about anything they do, and should not say anything carelessly.

Heavenkid Episode 15 : Treasure Mind
Ann is Ahya’s classmate who lived with her grandmother after her parents passed away. She is shy due to the feeling of being inferior to others. One day, Ahya and another classmate see Ann bringing something into an old storeroom after school. They follow Ann only to find Ann raises a stray dog in the storeroom. They then become good friends. Heavenkid takes the opportunity to teach them that inner grace is more important than wealth and knowledge.

Heavenkid Episode 16 : The Video Gaming Monster
Ahya’s academic performance is getting better because she discusses homework with her classmate. Her mother thus asks ToTo to do his homework with his classmate Da-li. It turns out that they play video games in the study room, and ToTo is possessed by the demon from the video game. Heavenkid awakens ToTo with Di Zi Gui, and tells him the importance of making good friends.

Heavenkid Episode 17 : Bai
In order to cultivate students’ sense of responsibility and caring, Ayha’s teacher asks students to take care of a rabbit in turn. Because Ahya makes fun of the rabbit along with her classmates, the rabbit is sick. But Ahya does not have the guts to reveal the truth to her mom, Heavenkid hence encourages her to be honest. Seeing Ahya confess her misconduct, Heavenkid uses his divine power to help the rabbit to gain health. Kids can learn from this story that people should always be honest to others.

Heavenkid Episode 18 : That Guy
Michael is a new student in the class. Judging from his appearance, Ahya thinks Michael is a bad student, and she is afraid of talking to him. A few days later, she finds that Michael is in fact a very talented student with a kind heart. Besides, he gets along well with other classmates. Ahya regrets misunderstanding Michael due to his outer appearance. Heavenkid teaches Ahya that people should not judge a book by its cover, and should always be compassionate to others.

Heavenkid Episode 19 : The Award
To win the most improved student award, Ahya studies very hard, and is unwilling to sincerely answer the questions asked by her classmate Ann. But it turns out that Ann wins the award. Ahya cannot accept it, and complains it to Heavenkid. The following day, Ann shares his lunch with Ahya. Ahya is deeply touched by Ann’s kindness, and feels ashamed of herself.

Heavenkid Episode 20 : Mini Agent
Ahya happens to see Ying discussing with Ann about Ann’s work for the school’s painting competition. After Ann is announced to be the winner of the competition, Ahya is very upset about that, and complains it to Heavenkid. Heavenkid uses his divine power to send Ahya to the teacher’s office. After they overhear the conversation between Ann and the teacher, Ahya finally realizes the truth. So people should not just jump to conclusions before knowing the fact.

Heavenkid Episode 21 : An Unforgettable Journey
During a field trip, Ann bumps into a hooligan accidentally. Seeing Ann kicked by the guy, Ahya steps in to intervene with the ruffian. Afterward, Heavenkid advises Ahya that she should not harbor the thought of revenge. In the meantime, Ahya witnesses the fact that the hooligan is moved to tears after Ann saves him from danger. Ahya enlightens that only compassion can really touch people’s heart.

Heavenkid Episode 22 : Little Guests
Ahya and ToTo go to a restaurant along with their aunt only to find a cockroach leg in the soup. Though it turns out to be a misunderstanding, their Aunt is still furious about it. Next day, Ahya and ToTo go to Ying’s place, and treat the domestic helper as what their aunt did to the restaurant manager. Heavenkid uses his supernatural capabilities to stop them, and teaches them to be humble to others.

Heavenkid Episode 23 : City Chivalry
Ahya’s kung fu school senior schoolmate descends to the human world via the time-space device. His courageous deeds win the admiration of many people. But his humbleness is taken advantage of by the operator of a restaurant. After Heavenkid acts as a journalist to expose the operator’s vicious plot, the senior schoolmate still sweeps the street happily according the restaurant operator’s request. The story tells us that as long as one has good moral character, he will definitely be respected by others.

Heavenkid Episode 24 : Ping Pong
To win the ping-pong competition, every student practices very hard for it. Ying reads books to learn unique skills; Ann keeps practicing against the wall, while Ahya watches TV to learn skills from ping-pong stars. Ahya is confident to defeat Ann, but she fails. Heavenkid reaffirms the old saying that practice makes perfect.

Heavenkid Episode 25 : Kung Fu II
Before a martial art competition is held at the Kun Fu Academy, the master tells his students to practice diligently. Everyone practices seriously, except ToTo. Athough ToTo can learn fast and is confident to win the championship, he fails eventually. The senior schoolmate thus tells ToTo that if one wants to succeed, he must work hard to lay a solid foundation and pay full attention to what he does.

Heavenkid Episode 26 : Coming Home
The study room of ToTo and Ahya is totally in a mess. ToTo writes Chinese characters carelessly, and Ahya does her homework while playing with toys. Suddenly, the crooked and twisted Chinese characters written by them walk out of their homework books, and the computer with two legs is chasing them. They are so terrified that they scream for help. This story teaches children that they should do their homework attentively and keep their rooms neat and tidy.



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